Mahdi Fanaei is a well-known indie developer who has done well with the mobile game series “41148”. Fanaei has participated in the 6th Tehran Game Festival with the third and fourth episode of 41148.

In an interview with the information workgroup of the Tehran Game Festival, he stated that any movement in support of the Iranian game developers is appreciated, even minor. “As there are a few big game developing companies, it’s not fair for an indie developer to compete them. As a result, the winners are usually the games developed by these companies and the big games get bigger and the smaller ones get smaller and less seen”, he said.

He also mentioned the online game submission process. “Avoiding the paper based process makes it more convenient for the both sides of this kind of processes”, he said.

Fanaei also talked about the judgement and stated that the judges would be better to be writers or critics than game developers.